For your health,

We Produce Smart Minerals

We produce innovative solutions for your health with the smart mineral complexes we have developed in Switzerland.

Fenne Laboratories



It is an EU based Bio-Pharma company founded by Swiss scientists in 2009.
It acts with the philosophy of "smart minerals for a healthier life".
Its organization in Turkey is a subsidiary of Fenner Laboratories GmbH which focuses on human health.


It is specialized in mineralogy science.
Research and production of Swiss patented Smart Mineral complexes with high technology.
It has an in-house R&D infrastructure from innovation to clinical development.


Fenne Laboratories is a technology, research and development company established in 2009 in Switzerland.

We have been carrying out research and development on Smart Mineral Technology for nearly 20 years with the philosophy of "Smart Minerals for a Healthy Life".

Fenne believes that health comes from the elements of nature. In our development processes, we use natural minerals that our body needs daily.


Our mission is to create new solutions that will increase the quality of life and bring forth the healthy living conditions to a better level.

We are conducting our works, focused on solving important health problems of humanity by way of innovation, based on scientific, universal and ethical principles. We are discovering and developing new technologies and treatment approaches; and searching new channels in order to supply the products, developed by us, to more and more people. Our biggest mission is to provide correct scientific solutions through our synergy with scientists, who add strength to our determination and power through their valuable opinions and studies.


To provide new and innovative solutions that will transform human lives into higher quality by making use of Smart Mineral Technology.


Our strategy as Fenne laboratories is to become a health company, focused on the benefit of humanity through a progressive, innovative and qualitative approach; and to initiate a digital cycle and motivate the advanced logical analysis methods and artificial intelligence with a dynamic structure.